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My Story

The Journey to Queen Smoothie

My name is Adassa Phillips and I created Smoothie Bae, LLC. as an opportunity to showcase tasty and healthy smoothies to start each day on a positive note. Alongside each of these smoothie recipes are a positive affirmation to recite to yourself before the day begins.


I revamped Queen Smoothie to showcase the empowerment I developed through focusing on my holistic wellness. I am in a space of shifting gears and growing into my purpose and that included a rebrand! So here we are, embracing Queen Smoothie for all she has in store. The opportunities are endless and I'm here to take you all on the journey of growth through wellness.


A bit about how I got here originally: I was in a dull space for a while after I graduated college and I lacked motivation to start my day, put action into place, and be productive. It was as if a grey cloud loomed over my head because I saw no progress within myself and my personal goals. 


Eventually, I began to make a habit of preparing a smoothie for myself each morning as a filling breakfast and added energy boost. I would also find affirmations to recite to myself in the mirror to boost my confidence and productivity. I noticed such a huge change in not only my mood each morning, but also an enhanced positive mindset when attacking each day.


So, embodying "Queen Smoothie" isn't just about making a bomb smoothie, but also incorporating small tokens towards manifesting a bomb lifestyle. I hope that you're able to enjoy the variety of recipes and even add them to your daily routine! 


And as always, don't forget to tag me on Instagram (@queensmoothieeffect) and hashtag your smoothie creations "#QueenSmoothieEffect", so that others can see the positive impact that health and wellness can have on them!



Featuring "Green Goddess" 

A Queen Smoothie loves themselves first through their healthy habits and affirmations. My mission as Queen Smoothie is to encourage others to find ways to shine positivity in their life, even if it starts with one smoothie. And once you affirm what's meant for you, you're able to give yourself that stamp of approval. Join me on this journey of self love, holistic wellness, and embracing the #QueenSmoothieEffect. 

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